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Leaks and Swimming Pools

This policy is intended to address leaks which may be considered by the Marion County Sanitary Engineering Department for adjustment.

Leak adjustments will be evaluated by the department on a case-by-case basis.
To qualify for leak adjustments by the Marion County Sanitary Engineering Department customers must:
  • Have metered water service
  • Leak adjustment must be requested within 30 days of the leak occurrence
  • Reasonable effort to locate leak and initiate repair must be made within 30 days of high-water bill indicating possible leak
  • Provide documentation that the leak has been fixed (i.e. receipts for materials or services)
  • Complete Leak Adjustment Request form
Leak adjustments made by the Marion County Sanitary Engineering Department will be based on water company adjustment and average usage.  Leaks that do not exceed the current flat rate will not be considered for adjustment.
Leak adjustments are made at the discretion of the department only after all requirements are met by customer.  Customers will be limited to one (1) adjustment per incident.

Swimming Pools
In order to ensure proper credit for customers filling swimming pools The Marion County Sanitary Engineering Department will require the following:
  1. Customers will be required to pick up a Hose Bib Meter from our office prior to filling swimming pool.  No credit will be given to customers not using the meter.  The meter is easily connected to your spigot and hose.  there will be a signed agreement required when picking up the meter.
Customers may use the meter for one week.  A $5.00/day late charge will be charged for meters not returned in a timely manner.  Damaged meters or meters that are returned with damaged lock seals will incur a $100.00 replacement fee.  Meters that are not returned will incur a $100.00 replacement fee and swimming pool credit will not be given.  
One swimming pool credit per calendar year.  Customer must not owe any delinquent sewer bills to receive swimming pool credit.

It is our objective to be as fair as possible in the administration of the Marion County Board of Commissioners policies relating to the Marion County Sewer District.  Please keep in mind that every adjustment we make places the burden for this lost revenue on the rest of our customers.  Our department is funded solely by rates and charges from our customers.  We receive no tax revenues.

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