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Speed Limit Postings

Interstate highways and expressways have a maximum speed limit of 65 miles per hour. Other highways outside villages and cities, that include county and township roads, have a maximum speed limit of 55 miles per hour. City and village streets, including state highways within their boundaries, have varying limits based on land use.
Click on the following link to learn more about the process of reducing the speed limit on county or township roadway.

How Speed Limits Are Determined

Speed Limits of Marion County Roads

Below are the posted speed limits for county and Township roads that have been through the speed limit determination process.


Speed Zone Map

# Name Speed Limit (m.p.h.) Notes
C.R. 12-C LaRue-Mt. Victory Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From C.R. 2 (Winnemac Pike) to Bridge
Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-25-e1567489292812 From Bridge to LaRue Corp. Limit
C.R. 13-B Clark Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-25-e1567489292812 From C.R. 14 (LaRue-Kenton Rd.) / T.R. 13 (Clark Rd.) to C.R. 14 (LaRue-Kenton Rd.)
C.R. 27-I Irvin-Shoots Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 0.52 miles west of C.R. 94 (Hillman-Ford Rd.)
T.R. 74-A Green Camp River Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From S.R. 739 to its north terminus.
C.R. 83-N Prospect-Upper Sandusky Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 S.R. 309 for 0.5 miles
T.R. 84 Espyville Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 For 0.81 miles south From C.R. 34 (DeCliff-Big Island Rd.)
C.R. 94-C Hillman-Ford Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 C.R. 162 (Marion-Williamsport Rd.) to C.R. 88 (Pleasant Hill Rd.)
C.R. 94-E speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From C.R. 66 (Kenton-Galion Rd.) to C.R. 27 (Irvin-Shoots Rd.)
C.R. 101 Campbell Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From S.R. 739 to S.R. 95
C.R. 104 Owens-Green Camp Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From Green Camp Corp. Line to S.R. 203
C.R. 105-A Crissinger Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 From S.R. 4 for 0.775 mile on the northward bend in the road.
C.R. 105-B Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From the northward bend in the road to S.R. 739.
C.R. 106 Somerlot-Hoffman Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 C.R. 107 (Smeltzer Rd.) to T.R. 220 (Kreis Rd.)
C.R. 107 Smeltzer Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 Owens Rd. (C.R. 108) to S.R. 4
C.R. 108 Owens Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 C.R. 126 (Gooding Rd.) to C.R. 107 (Smeltzer Rd.)
T.R. 123 Newmans-Cardington Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From U.S. 23 to S.R. 98
speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 From S.R. 98 to C.R. 141 (St. James Rd.)
C.R. 126 Gooding Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 T.R. 123 (Newmans-Cardington) to C.R. 108 (Owens Rd.)
speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 C.R. 108 (Owens Rd.) to S.R. 4
C.R. 136-C Marion-Cardington Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From S.R. 423 to S.R. 529 & C.R. 132 (Richland Rd.)
C.R. 138 Barks Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 S.R. 4 to S.R. 529
C.R. 162-A-1 Marion-Williamsport Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From S.R. 95 to C.R. 95 (Holland Rd.)
C.R. 163-F to T.R. 163-K Whetstone River Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 S.R. 529 to C.R./T.R. 166 (Roberts Rd.)
T.R. 168-A Kaufman Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From S.R. 529 to C.R. 169 (Marion-Edison Rd.)
C.R. 169 Marion-Edison Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 S.R. 529 to U.S. 23
Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 U.S. 23 to T.R. 170 (Lawrence Rd.)
speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-40-e1567488564300 T.R. 170 (Lawrence Rd.) to C.R. 156 (Claridon-Westfield Rd.)
T.R. 170-A Lawrence Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152  
C.R. 174-A Pole Lane Rd. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 S.R. 95 to S.R. 309
C.R. 179-B Caledonia-Mud Pike speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From T.R. 181 (Rinker Rd.) to Village of Caledonia Corp. Limit
C.R. 195 Linn-Hipsher Rd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-50-e1567487884109 From S.R. 4 to Pole Lane Rd. (C.R. 174)
T.R. 211-A Section St. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-45-e1567485569152 From Railroad in Village of LaRue to S.R. 37
C.R. 213-A Main St. (Meeker Village) speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-35-e1567485918342 S.R. 309 to S.R. 309
C.R. 217-A McMahan Blvd. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-25-e1567489292812 From S.R. 95 to north terminus
C.R. 221 University Dr. speed-limit-sign-x-r2-1-35-e1567485918342 From S.R. 529 & C.R. 169 (Marion Edison Rd.) to S.R. 309
T.R. 222-A East Lawn Dr. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-25-e1567489292812 From S.R. 95 to T.R. 223 (Phoenix Dr.)
T.R. 223-A Phoenix Dr. Speed-Limit-Sign-X-R2-1-25-e1567489292812 From C.R. 221 (University Dr.) to east terminus
Grandview Capaldi Dr.
Curren Dr.
East Dr.
South Ave.
Grandview Dr.
Wiess Ave.
Harris Dr.
Matheny Ave.
Mercer Dr.
North Ave.
Schell Dr.

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