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Deed Process by Mail

As of September 1, 2005 No Deed in mail except with current Engineer and Auditor stamps.Process to Mail Deed for Transfer and Recording
  1. MAIL THE *DEED ONLY TO THE ENGINEER’ S OFFICE. Phone: 740.223.4110 ( *Certificate of Transfer, Affidavit of Survivor, L.E., T.O.D. or Land Contract.) Mail only the deed to the engineer’s office where the legal description will be approved and stamped. The engineer’s stamp on the deed is only good for 60 days. Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope in order that the document may be returned to you.
  2. MAIL THE DOCUMENT TO THE AUDITOR’S OFFICE. Phone: 740.223.4020 You may send the deed to the Auditor’s office along with the following:
    1. A completed and signed conveyance form.
    2. Auditor’s check – Go to their website (www.www.co.marion.oh.us/auditor) to use the calculator for the conveyance transfer fee which is $4.00 per $1,000.00+ a $ .50 line fee per parcel.
    3. Enclose a SASE for Auditor’s office to return the deed with the transfer stamp on it.
  3. MAIL THE DOCUMENT TO THE RECORDER’S OFFICE. Phone: 740.223.4100 Document(s) can now be recorded providing it meets O.R.C. standards and has the correct recording fees. The Recorder’s office has a turn around time of about 5 days. This allows for final proofing and for imaging and comparing the final imaged copy with the original before document is returned to you. Document will be returned in the envelope which we requested that you send to us.

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