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Safeguarding Our Seniors

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office is committed to help citizens of Marion County who may be in need when there is no caregiver available. Our S.O.S Watch Program is part of our “Good Neighbor” concept of community policing and is designed to ensure the safety and basic needs for those who are elderly, shut-in, disabled, or with special needs. It is our hope that with the assistance of the S.O.S. Program, our Marion County citizens can lead happy and productive lives knowing that we at the Marion County Sheriff’s Office care about them.
seniorwatch1The aging and the elderly are a valuable segment of our community in Marion County. Many seniors manage just fine without any outside assistance due to not having underlying health issues or by having strong family support. However, many seniors and those with special needs live alone with little to no assistance. Some struggle with day-to-day activities, managing medications or simply not having regular contact with other people who can check on their health and welfare.
S.O.S is designed for seniors who enroll in the program to have a deputy sheriff check in on them on a regular basis to make sure that their basic needs are being met.  Beyond that, visits are important because for some seniors this is the only interaction they have with other people. A visit can help the senior stay connected, feel less lonely and can help ward off any depression, social isolation or stress.  Visits can also help prevent elder abuse or self-neglect, if they are having trouble caring for themselves – whether the issue is declining cognition, health or mobility. Lastly, visits are a chance to check up on their happiness and health, and make sure nothing has changed to cause a concern since the last visit.
A prospective client, a neighbor or a family member can fill out an application for someone in need but the senior has to want to participate and welcome the visits. The application asks for pertinent information and special needs the client might have. Once the application is forwarded to the sheriff’s office, it will be entered in our database and a visitation schedule would be set for the client. Social service agencies may also be contacted if a client has a special need not being met.
As part of the application process, a safety evaluation of the client’s home can be completed by a sheriff’s deputy. This will help determine any safety concerns or any special requirements needed at the residence to reduce seniors being victims of crime.
The S.O.S. application and pamphlet are available by clicking on the links below.  Program pamphlets and applications will also be available in village municipal offices around the county.
To download the S.O.S. Application:

S.O.S. Application

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