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Hyper-Reach Community Alert

Logo-RED-5-2-o37y5yckjpj1kp7inugvqt0m2tb946z7j5pcv3uuesThe Marion County Sheriff’s Office now offers its citizens important community alerts through Hyper-Reach.
The Municipal Wire, part of the Hyper-Reach Community Information Service, is a new tool that provides a platform for direct communications between municipalities/law enforcement/educational institutions and citizens.
The Marion County Sheriff’s Office can send information on multiple platforms (text message, e-mail, web), filling a critical emergency notification need. Messages can be transmitted anywhere in a radius from .25-miles to 20 miles, allowing neighborhood-level, time-sensitive information to be sent only to affected citizens.
For law enforcement, Hyper-Reach enables community policing outreach in new ways. Building a communications structure can help solve crimes, build safer communities, and promote a positive dialogue/partnership between residents and law enforcement. Hyper-Reach has been used around the country to help find missing seniors, evacuate flooded areas, and capture dangerous criminals shortly after a crime has happened. The power in the system is also its diversity of content, allowing not only those emergency alerts, but informing residents of road closures, city parades, government meetings, and other “want to know” information.
Hyper-Reach is free to residents who access the notifications by e-mail and online at Hyper-Reach.com Information received via SMS/text message is received as part of their text messaging plan.
Collected information is NOT sold to third parties nor used for marketing purposes.
To sign up for Hyper-Reach simply Click Here for instructions.

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