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Upcoming and Past Sheriff Sales8 documents

  • Sheriff Sale 5-3-24
    document date 04-12-2024
    Mortgage Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 5-17-24
    document date 04-15-2024
    Tax Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 6-7-24
    document date 05-08-2024
    Mortgage Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 5-31-24 Second Attempt Tax Sale
    document date 05-20-2024
  • Sheriff Sale 6-28-24
    document date 06-05-2024
    Abandoned Mobile Home Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 7-12-24
    document date 06-24-2024
    Mortgage Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 8-2-24
    document date 06-26-2024
    Tax Sale
  • Sheriff Sale 8-9-24
    document date 07-12-2024
    Mortgage Sale

There are TAX Sales and MORTGAGE Sales and they are handled and sold differently.

***ALL TAX SALES will be held in the PROSPECT ROOM of the Marion County Building, 222 W. Center Street, Marion, OH 43302
We will continue to post these tax sales on our local sheriff’s office website.

(2) If the sale of the real property is to be conducted on the official public sheriff sale web site, the judgment creditor may instruct the sheriff to postpone the sale of the real property one time for up to one hundred eighty days after the initial sale date. Upon receiving such instruction for postponement, the sheriff shall postpone the sale of the property by announcing on the official public sheriff sale web site that the sale is postponed and giving notice of the rescheduled sale date. This announcement shall be deemed to meet the notice requirement of section 2329.26 of the Revised Code. 

Beginning on November 19th, 2021, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office will conduct the sale of real estate subject to foreclosure on the “Official Public Sheriff’s Sale Website”; which is operated by Realauction. The process and procedures under which these sales will be completed are detailed at the Realauction website:


All prospective bidders will need to familiarize themselves with this online process.

Realauction will conduct webinar training. Registrants for webinar training must contact Realauction Customer Service at 1-877-361-7325 or email at customerservice@realauction.com

  • All person(s) who want to bid on a property offered by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office must register with Realauction. Registration will include completion of the Purchaser Information Form.
  • Properties will be open for bid, at least (7) seven days immediately prior to the date of sale. This is generally known as a proxy bid.
  • On scheduled Friday’s at 10:00 am, Eastern Time, the online auction will begin. An auction will be conducted for each individual property; however only one property will be sold at a time. After a property is sold, the next scheduled property sale will begin.
  • Minimum deposits ($2,000 / $5,000 / $10,000 – set by law) must be at Realauction prior to bidding

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